Unigraphics NX Interview Questions and Answers – 3

Unigraphics (UG) NX Interview Questions and Answers

UG NX Interview Questions & Answers

41) How many mating constraints are there in assembly?

There are 8 mating constraints in assembly. Mate, Align, Angle, Parallel, Perpendicular, Center, Center, Distance and Tangent.

42) How many ways to find the sketch is fully constrained in Unigraphics?

There are three ways to find the sketch is fully constrained. 1) In sketch environment (status bar) 2) In part navigation 3) Checkmate

43) What do mean by NURBS?

NURBS is Non Uniform Rational Bezier Splines.

44) What is B surface?

B surface is Bazier surface.

45) What is the use of Expand command?

Expand command is used in Drafting. In the drafting application you can use expand to create and edit objects in specific view.

46) What is Section Strings?

Section strings is defined as the curves which represent the section of the profile in Sweep along guide or Swept command.

47) What is single segment in Tube?

By using single segment option in Tube we get a single smooth solid along the guide curve.

48) What is law curve?

The law curve option lets you create a spline using the law Sub-function. A law spline is defined by a set of X, Y, and Z components. You must specify a law for each of these three components.

49) What is  the default tolerance for angle and distance in Unigraphics?

Angle – o.5

Distance – 0.0254

50) What is the minimum blend radius for a sheet metal?

The minimum blend radius is part tolerance.

51) What are primitives?

Primitive features are the basic analytic shapes. They are non associative, meaning they are not associated to geometry used to create them.

52) How many primitives are there in Unigraphics?

There are four primitives. They are Block, Cylinder, Cone and Sphere.

53) In Ruled features how many section strings are necessary?

In Ruled feature two section strings are necessary.

54) Where will we use primary strings and cross strings?

We will use primary strings and cross strings in Through Curve Mesh option for creating a free form feature.

55) How many numbers of characters can be used for part file name?

We can use 37 characters for a part file name.

56) What is the difference between Face blend and Soft blend?

A face blend can be created between the faces of solid and / or sheet bodies. The faces can be non adjacent and/ or part of a different sheet body.

Soft blends let you create blends whose cross sectional shape is not circular.

57) What is the difference between datum plane and fixed datum plane?

A Datum plane is a reference plane that serves as aid when existing planes are not available. The datum plane can be editor later. The fixed datum plane are datum planes which cannot be edited later.

58) How Can we identify the Manually edited dimensions in Drafting?

We can identify by going to Information –> Others –> Object – specific –> Dimension with Manual Text.

59) How many types of views can we create in a drafting?

We can create 11 types of views in drafting.

60) What is the maximum number of guide curves used in Swept operation?

The maximum number of guide curves used in Swept operations is Three (3).

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