Unigraphics NX Interview Questions and Answers – 2

Unigraphics (UG) NX Interview Questions and Answers

UG NX Interview Questions & Answers
21) What is Datum Plane? Why it is used?
Datum Plane is reference feature that can be used to as construction tool in building the model.

22) What is Datum Axis?

Datum Axis, which is a reference object you can use to create other objects, such as Datum planes, revolved features, and extruded bodies. Datum Axis can be either relative or fixed.

23) What is constraint?

Constraints limit structural movement and represent mounts and supports. Constraints can be applied to faces or edges. (Restricting the degree of freedom)

24) How many types of constraints are there?

There are two types of constraints.

1) Geometrical constraints 2) Dimension constraints

25)  What is sketching plane?

To create a sketch, you must associate the Sketch feature to a planar object. We can select a face or Datum plane. This plane is know as sketching plane.

26) What is the expansion of IGES, STEP, DXF?

  • IGES – Initial Graphic Exchanges Specifications.
  • STEP – Standard For The Exchange of Product Model Data
  • DXF – Data Exchange Format

27) What is Co-ordinate System? How many types of  Co-ordinate Systems are there in Unigraphics?

Co-ordinate System is a reference element. It uses X,Y and Z co-ordinates while creating model.

Following are the three types of  Co-ordinate Systems

  1. Work Co-ordinate System
  2. Absolute Co-ordinate System
  3. Existing Co-ordinate System

28) What is the difference between Rotational WCS & Dynamic WCS?

In Rotational WCS we can give the angle by which the WCS need to rotate by typing it in the space provided, while in Dynamic WCS we can dynamically rotate the WCS  and give the angle.

29) What is the difference between Sketch Curves & Basic Curves?

Sketch curve are parametric and can constrain but basic curves are non parametric and cannot constrain them.

30) How many types of geometrical constrains are there in Unigraphics NX?

There are 22 types of Geometrical constrains in Unigraphics NX.

31) How many layers are there in Unigraphic (UG)?

There are 256 layers in Unigraphics.

32) In which command do you find strings, apex string, and spline string?

We find these options in section command of free form feature.

33) Where do you find bounded plane command?

We find the Bounded plane command in Insert –> Surface –> Bounded Plane.

34) What is meant by Master Model Concept?

The idea of virtual assembly taken to its logical conclusion leads to Master Model paradigm. In this concept a master model of the component is designed and the same is referred by those in assembly, drafting, analysis and manufacturing department of the particular company.

 35) What is the displayed part and work part. Where does it come?

Displayed parts are the parts which can only be displayed but not editable while we can both display and edit a work part. Both displayed  part and work part comes under assembly.

36) What is Reattach?

In Reattach, You can reattach a already created sketch to a different planar face or datum plane.

37) What is string mode?

String mode is an option which is available while creating lines and arc using basic curves. When the string mode is selected we can draw continuous lines or arc. If the string mode is not selected we can create only one line or arc at a time.

38) What is Reference Set?

Reference set controls the the amount of data that is loaded from each component and viewed in context of an assembly.  (Data likes Datum Planes, Axis, Solid body, Sheet body, Sketches, Curves etc)

 39) What is Top Down Assembly?

In top down assembly we create the different parts in the same assembly file and assemble it there itself.

40) What is Bottom Up Assembly?

In bottom up assembly we create the different parts of an assembly in separate file and then get them and assemble using constraint.

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