Pro/ Engineer [Creo Elements] Interview Questions & Answers – 1

Pro E [Creo Elements] Interview Questions and Answers

1) What is new name of Pro/Engineer (Pro/E) & Latest version?

Creo Elements 7.0

2) Pro/E is product of which company?

PTC (Parametric Technology Corporation) it’s US based company.

3) What are the file extensions given to sketches, parts, assemblies, drawings?

Sketches – .sec, Parts- .prt, Assemblies- .asm, Drawings- .drw

4) What is function of trail.txt file in Creo Elements (Pro/E)?

Trial.txt file records all the steps you are using during session if any case Pro/E crashes or power failure occurs, you can retrieve your unsaved work by running trail file.

5) What is use of file in Pro/E? is text file which stores all settings that define behavior of Pro/E during it’s use. This file also contains user macros which are called map keys.

6) What are Mapkeys?

Mapkey option gives you flexibility to create a macro for series of commands that you frequently using to keyboard shortcuts. Also you can add mapkeys as icons to toolbar.

7) How many Geometric tolerance symbols are there in Pro/E and which are they?

There are 14 different geometric tolerance symbols in Pro/E viz.
Straightness, Flatness, Circularity, Cylindricity, Line profile, Surface Profile, Angularity, Perpendicularity, Parallelism, Position, Concentricity, Symmetry, Circular Runout and Total Runout.

8) What is Drawing.dtl file??

Drawing.dtl is a setup file used in drawings which define different formats, layouts, font size, dimension style per company company standards.

 9) What is the difference between object reference and geometric associativity?

Object reference is a data management term that has to do with the way one object references another. Geometric associativity has to do with how a parts geometry can be changed from the part or drawing.

10) . How should you create a new part or assembly? Why? ?

You should always create a new part or assembly using the copy from option in the new dialog box and copy a start part. This ensures the proper layer setup, saved views, datum planes, parameters, etc.

11) What is the meaning of “store back”?

‘Store back’ refers to the behavior in which an object is stored back to the directory from where it was opened not necessarily the current working directory.

12) What is the difference between File — > Erase and File — > Delete?

File erase removes the object from the ram of the computer and file delete removes the object from the disk or hard drive of the computer.

13) What is the difference between File — > Save and File — > Backup?

File save stores the object in the directory where it was opened from and file backup copies the object to the specified directory using the same name.

14) After performing a File, Save As, what is the current object?

After performing a file save as command the current object is not a new object it is the old object.

15) If I use Window in Pro/Engineer and Close without saving my model, have I lost my work?


16) Name six common assumptions the sketcher will make.

Six common assupmption the sketcher will make are as follows – Horizontal and vertical, equal length lines, equal radius or diameter, co-linearity, 90 and 180 degree arcs, points on the same horizontal or vertical, points on other entities, tangency, symmetry, parallel and perpendicular lines.

17) What is the difference between One Side and Both Sides in extrusion?

One-side extrudes only one specified direction from the sketching plane. Both sides extrudes both sides of the sketching planes.

18) How do you change dimensions of a feature?

Modify — > pick the feature  — > pick the dimension — > enter the new value  — > select regenerate.

19) What is the model tree?

The model tree is a graphical representation of the features and/or components in the model.

20) Define “Parametric Feature Based Modeling” ?

Parametric means driven by parameters. Feature based means you define a series of instructions (features) to tell the system your design intent. Modeling means creating computer images coupled with geometric information defining a part or assembly.

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