Mensuration & Weight Calculation

Mensuration & Weight Calculation

Mensuration is the process of measurement. It is based on algebraic formulas and geometric calculation to find out the area, width, height, angle and volume of geometrical figures. Using mensuration we can also calculate weight of the material accurately.Procedure of calculate the weight of the part:

For calculating the weight of a part, following procedure should be adopted.
1) Break up the part into simple sections so that their volumes can be easily
2) Neglect small fillets and chamfers and take suitable rough calculation whenever
3) Calculate the volume of each section of the part using mensuration formulae.
4) Add volumes of all sections to give complete part.
5) Calculate weight of material by multiplying the volume by its density.

Mensuration Formulas:
1. Area of plane figures:

1. Rectangle: This is a four sided figure. Opposite sides are always parallel to each other. Angles between adjacent sides are 90°.

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