CNC M Codes

M00Optional program stop automatic (M,T)
M01Optional program stop request(M,T)
M02Program end (M,T)
M03Spindle on clock wise (CW) (M,T)
M04Spindle on counter clock wise (CCW) (M,T)
M05Spindle Stop (M,T)
M06Tool Change (M,T)
M07Mist coolant ON (M,T)
M08Flood coolant ON (M,T)
M09Coolant OFF (M,T)
M19Spindle orientation (M,T)
M28Rigid tapping cycle cancel (M)
M29Rigid tapping cycle enable (M)
M30End of program, Reset to start (M,T)
M98Sub program call (M,T)
M99Sub program end (M,T)

G Codes                                                                                            Orthographic Projection

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