CNC G Codes

G00Positioning (rapid traverse) (M,T)
G01Linear interpolation (feed) (M,T)
G02Circular Interpolation CW (feed) (M,T)
G03Circular Interpolation CCW (feed) (M,T)
G04Dwell, a programmed time delay (M,T)
G10Data setting
G15Polar coordinate command cancel
G16Polar coordinate programming (M)
G17XY plane selection (M,T)
G18ZX plane selection (M,T)
G19YZ plane selection (M,T)
G20Input in Inch
G21Input in mm
G28Return to reference point (M,T)
G30Return to alternate home position (M,T)
G40Cutter radius compensation cancel (CRC) (M)
G41Cutter radius compensation left (CRC) (M)
G42Cutter radius compensation right (CRC) (M)
G43Tool length compensation
G49Tool length compensation cancel
G52Local co-ordinate system
G54Work coordinate system 1 selection
G55Work coordinate system 2 selection
G56Work coordinate system 3 selection
G57Work coordinate system 4 selection
G58Work coordinate system 5 selection
G59Work coordinate system 6 selection
G71Inch programming (M,T)
G72Metric programming (M,T)
G73Peck drilling cycle (T)
G74Left hand tapping cycle
G76Fine boring cycle
G80Canned cycle cancel
G81Drilling cycle, no dwell (M,T)
G82Drilling cycle, with dwell (M,T)
G83Peck drilling cycle, deep hole (M,T)
G84Right hand tapping cycle (M,T)
G85Boring cycle (M,T)
G87Back boring cycle (manual retraction) (M,T)
G90Absolute dimension input (M,T)
G91Incremental dimension input (M,T)
G94Feed per minute (M,T)
G95Feed per revolution
G98Return to initial point in canned cycle
G99Return to R point in canned cycle

M Codes                                              Orthographic Projection

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